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You work hard for your money and your time is valuable. Booking a memorable and high quality trip takes thorough research and money to pay for it. It can take anywhere from a couple hours or days and for some, even weeks or months depending on the type of trip you are looking for. Making sure the trip is perfect for your wants and needs is important along with ensuring you are getting it at a great value. This is why we are proud to introduce:



That’s right! We are so confident in the work that we do, that we will look at the price of your trip and verify that you got the best deal. If we are able to match your price, we encourage you to book with us as our services are free of charge to you and we act as your personal travel concierge before, during and even after your trip!

Benefits of using Countdown to Bliss for your travel needs:

Our services are free of charge: This means you get all the benefits of us being in charge of your booking without any additional cost to you. Booking most trips with us involve $0 fees to you! Our suppliers pay us to help you. Look at us like a customer service agent paid by companies to help you. What this means is that we can offer you the same price that you see on many booking apps and websites without you having to do any of the leg work. You can’t beat that! So if you are looking for a cruise, all-inclusive, hotel/rental, weekend getaway, groups, honeymoons or vacation package to resort destinations like Disney, we will take care of all your booking needs without any extra fees to you! In most cases, booking with our company is the same price as booking yourself online just without all the stress!

We are here for you when things don’t go as planned: You don’t have to go far to hear about a travel horror story. Lost luggage, flight cancellation, wrong room, changes in plans, and the list goes on and on. There’s very few things that a worse than to be in the midst of any of these situations and trying to get through an automated prompt or reach someone after business hours. This is where working with a travel agent makes a difference! We have access to resources with our travel partners which help us to ask questions and solve problems quicker. We work to make things right from the beginning and even when they don’t, we advocate for you to get you on the right track!

We come with experience: We know travel. Even if you do not know exactly where you want to go, if you discuss some of your ideas with us, we can present you with the best options that will meet or exceed your needs. We may even be able to get you bonus extras that a person booking on their own would not have access to. Some bookings even offer payment plans!

Less stress and save time: We know how daunting it is to see hundreds of cruise options, hotels, flights and more. Then you have to read reviews and find out if there are any extra fees. As travel agents, we have special training on how to sort through hundreds of options in less time to find the best options to fit your desires.

-We stay up to date: Changes in the travel industry happen all the time. As travel professionals, we are always receiving updates on travel changes as well as training. If something is happening in the industry, we usually know it before the general public.

So what are you truly waiting for? Fill out our Travel Interest Form and in no time, you will be counting down the days to your trip of a lifetime!

Less stress. More Bliss

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