These 10 Apartment Buildings Around the World Are Architectural Marvels

Why own a house when you can rent a place in one of these wild structures?

I would be surprised to learn that the inhabitants of any one of the buildings on this list were NOT homebodies because the level of coolness inherent in the structures in which they reside is off the charts. Take a look for yourself–why would you ever leave? Incredible.

Do You Ever Think About the Places in the DC Universeas Tourist Destinations?

Gotham City’s tourism board sure does have its work cut out for it.

Oftentimes, we look to the big screen for a little vacation inspiration. With the following destinations, that’s not particularly the case, though they’re some of the most popular locales in the ever-evolving DC Comics’ universe, cinematic or otherwise. For this reason alone, I’d argue they’re notable enough to be explored on a destination-centric media site (like ours).

The Original Cottagecore: European Pastoral Motifs Through the Ages

Taylor Swift could do "Works and Days,” but could Hesiod do “Folklore?”

Cottagecore, an aesthetic that romanticizes the simple quietude of rural life, was primed to experience a spike in interest during the pandemic. In a world where we now have to sequester ourselves away from a world wracked by an insidious virus, what if that sequestering could be on a homestead that’s imbued with beauty and safety thanks to its remote position in the heart of the natural world? This internet-age idealization of wholesome rural life is the latest permeation of the pastoral genre, a set of themes and motifs that stretches back over two millennia. The pastoral genre specifically emphasizes the lifestyle of shepherds but can be broadly identified as idealizing a rural lifestyle that eschews any mention of the real-life difficulties and practicalities of herding livestock. (Though, as an escapist fantasy, you could do a lot worse than dreaming of tending a blooming garden and doing the thing from movies where you trail your fingers against fields of gold-hued wheat.) Indeed, such literature, music, and visual art have had a tendency to play to audiences far removed from that lifestyle and even the countryside. Not unlike today’s city dwellers scrolling through pictures of softly-photographed orchards and carefully-arranged picnic spreads from the confines of cramped apartments, everyone from the poets of ancient Greece to the French royal court at the height of its decadence have been drawn to the fantasy of pastoral escape.

7 Spooky Christmas Legends From Around the World

It’s not just the weather outside that’s frightful…

Christmas cheer is real: smiles all around, a palpable kindness and warmth in the air. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Or is it? Well, just as with many other major holidays (especially ones that have been seriously commercialized), it seems, there’s a darkness lurking just below the surface. So, let’s all gather around the Christmas tree and tell the tales of this season’s most terrifying legends.

10 Reasons This Australian State Is the Ultimate Offbeat Destination

You’ll find everything from ghost towns and fairy circles to dinosaur footprints and ancient art.

Almost four times larger than Texas, the state of Western Australia is a massive place that hides some of the world’s most mind-bending locations. From natural phenomena to unexplained mysteries and ancient human masterpieces, Western Australia specializes in the surprising. Combined with its incredibly diverse environments–dense rainforests, sparse deserts, verdant mountain ranges, pristine coastlines, and flower-draped plains–this makes WA, as the locals call it, a unique and alluring tourist destination.

The 10 Largest Musical Instruments Around the World

Is it me or does that tuba look like a villain?

Please welcome the musical instruments of the apocalypse. These guys are large and in charge, sometimes made up of several musical instruments put together to form a sort of hybrid musical instrument experience. One of these instruments is a house. One of them is a tuba named Carl. Many of them are organs. But all 11 of these bad boys are extremely large.

These Might Be the 7 Best Christmas Light Shows Around the World

Christmas decorations don’t get much flashier than this.

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I try to act like they’re not, so as to avoid clichés (not sure why), but it’s time I faced the truth: I love the festivities that have come to be associated with Christmas (sans capitalism). These, in large part, include bright, colorful lights that bounce off of pillowy snow in the night sky. While this year will be a little different in terms of gathering together with friends, family, and other spectators to view such sparkly sights, we’ve rounded up a few incredible light shows around the world that are still (safely) happening, despite a certain global pandemic.